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G-Trainer set

Unique training set which will allow you to train in every situation - regardless of the place you enjoy to train in.


Thanks to the multi-functional training devices - Balans Bag and Space Stretch Max - you can decide by yourself about the intensity of your training. You no longer need several bands with different levels of resistance, since Space Stretch Max can replace them all, enabling you to train any body part, depending on the grip you choose to grab. Balans Bag is a bag filled with water. You can decide about its content - you can change the load adjusting its weight to the level of advancement. A continuously unstable liquid  inside Balans Bag  improves stabilization and strengthens your deep muscles. An anti-slip mat supplements the set, combining perfect amortization with significant resistance to wear and tear. This portable gym fits into a single bag that you may take with you anywhere you go. It will also fit into your gym locker.

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G-Trainer set

Set includes
 Ergo mat 100 cm
 gray sports bag
 Balans Bag
 Space Stretch Max

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