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Men's set

Accessories every man needs while performing general workout?


G-sac bag filled with synthetic sand thanks to which you will be able to strengthen your forearms muscles and Balance Bag, that is, a bag filled with water that transforms even the simplest workout into a challenge. Sounds  innocently but it is far from the truth - the filled bag weights up to 26 kg which means that you can substitute it for the whole set of loads. You can decide by yourself whether you want to fill it up or not - you can change the loads, adjusting them to the level of your advancement. Resistance band  Space Stretch in a Max version will be a perfect supplementation of your training. Its resistance will depend on the “eye” you’ll catch it with. All these accessories may be placed in a backpack designed especially to be used by all those who appreciate classics and soundness of completion. Additionally, the set contains two Gipara Wear brand T-shirts in the colour and size of your choice.

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