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Neos Pro Citron

Neos Citron is a specialist cleaning and preservative liquid for aerobic and isotonic equipment. Its unique composition of ingredients easily removes dirt, dust and sweat and the unpleasant smell in the club. At the same time, all plastic and metal elements as well as the upholstery of the devices are covered with a nano film limiting the corrosive effect of human sweat. Neos has a neutral pH. It does not cause irritation and is exceptionally friendly for both artificial and natural skin, plastic and metal surfaces. It is a ready-to-use preparation that does not require dilution.

Now, the Neos liquid, in addition to the new look, has an improved formula, thanks to which the smell after the use of the liquid stays in the club even longer.

Better quality at the same price! Take care of your devices and the comfort of customers so that the fitness is clean pleasure.

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Neos Pro Citron

The fluid is available in 2 options:
as a set - 5l canister + 2 packs of bottles with 0.5 l washer + funnel,
as a supplement - 5l can of fluid.

We attach to each order a set of stickers for free equipment.


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