Naturally blended into the surroundings

EXTERA - the gate to outdoors exercises

Adjusted to nature

Unique design of Extera exercise gate gives a bit of glamour to every interior. Adaptiva Extera training gate doesn't take a lot of space but it does make an estate, park or exclusive hotel a favourite spot for the users.

Looks well and works well

Adaptiva Extera training gate is made of the highest quality of materials that enable the full use of its advantages in rain, frost and under the desert sun. Stainless steel (INOX) and polyurethane (CPU), apart from resistance to weather conditions, provide it with a long-lasting endurance and unique wear and tear resilience.

Safety and efficiency

Ergonomic design of Extera training gate ensures safe training conditions for the whole body both to young users and seniors. Available for total amateurs and professionals. Already in the basic version it enables carrying out 18 exercises for 6 muscle groups. Additionally, it will be extremely useful while performing stretching exercises.

In every environment

Nowadays, in order to carry out quality training we no longer need 30 devices or a set of cardio equipment. Each muscle group may be trained outdoors on fresh air, using the unique possibilities of Extera training gate. This type of training is completely free, while our G-wall application guards the safe and valuable course of use.

and in each dimension

with or without a trainer

Adaptiva itself is just a multi-functional tool that will provide you with trainings.  In order, however, for it to become all-user-friendly, we provide, along with Extera training gate, a professional training app that will enable training possibilities for the whole family, regardless of gender and skills. You will also find a history of your trainings and the number of calories that you have burnt in the app.


The application works on your phone, tablet and TV with touchscreen.

Uniqueness and specification

Design personalization

XTERA may adjust to all the requirements, not only by means of colours but, above all, by means of accessories of your choice.

History of trainings

G-wall application ensures constant access to the history of trainings, use of calories and time spent doing exercises.

Modern design

State-of-the-art and minimalist design allows to adjust EXTERA to each and every environment.

Small area

EXTERA only takes 6m² for the installation and comprehensive trainings.

Key to exercises

Everyone will find the right exercises for themselves - beginners, intermediate and even advanced users.


Thanks to its design, EXTERA enables training for all muscle groups and all body parts.


The possibility of setting up almost every configuration is a unique feature of Extera. You can do it yourself or you can rely on our experience. We will help you select the right version depending on the number, age and your personal preferences.

  • Wall bar

    Perfect for stomach muscle exercises and stretching. It also enables a variety of mounting options of individual tapes and flexible training rubbers.

  • Rotator with steel loads 25 kg

    A must in case of shoulder muscle and back muscle trainings. 

  • Target

    Useful in functional training enhancement with exercises using a medicine ball or Wall Ball.

  • Monkey grove

    Suspended on the level of 2.5 m horizontal ladder. The span of rungs was designed to enable training of the so-called muscle up's.

  • Tie rod

    It may be mounted on any level and in practically any place.

  • Diagonal ladder

    Additional difficulty in high-performance trainings for advanced users. The ladder also enables mounting of additional gym rings.

  • Short dip

    It may be mounted on any level. It ensures the possibility of carrying out exercises for triceps arm muscles and lower chest parts.

  • Long dip

    It is more than just an exercise for triceps and chest. This version of dip is a lot more multi-task-oriented. It provides the possibility of training back and stomach muscles.

Adaptiva Extera

This version enables the conduct of exercises by 12 users simultaneously.


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