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Innovative, aesthetic and fully customized

Adaptiva training wall will fit into your interior without slightest modifications. With its futuristic design and the materials used this fully functional wall needs as little as 5 m2.


However, Adaptiva is not only the installation process itself. First and foremost, Adaptiva adapts itself to the user that works out on it. Its shape encourages to exercise and provides opportunities to develop both the whole body as well as all muscle groups individually. It enables an easy and safe performance of a full functional, speed or strength training.


The Adaptiva project was created entirely by Gipara designers in Poland. The entire production of the base part as well as all rack accessories is also made in Poland. This guarantees that both the concept and quality of products meet the highest standards.

Frame Versions

To choose 

0 1 2 3 4 S L


Elements to equip your gate

Pull-up bar

Pull-up bar is made of high quality steel, covered with a non-slip structure.


Ledge lined with rubber material which absorbs and prevents slipping. The maximum pressure is 200 kg.


Profile with holes for mounting elements such as hooks or dip, with numbers from 1 to 16. It also has special Space Stretch fasteners at 3 heights, so you can do even more exercises.


Grip handle will make your training even more attractive. It can be turned in a very wide range, so you can use it even on a small area. Rotator is solid and made with the highest precision so you do not have to worry if it will withstand the maximum load. 


Barbell securing handles, finished with replaceable polyamide mats, thanks to which metal parts do not scratch. Specially designed you can use your gate at any height.

Safety arm

Safety arms will provide you maximum protection. You can easily change the height at which it is set up. Mats will prevent metal parts from being so easily damaged.

Bumper hanger

Bumper hanger will easily withstand the maximum load.


Our dip is a solid steel construction. Provides grip confidence during your training.

Horizontal ladder

A Horizontal ladder made of high quality steel, covered with a non-slip structure. The distance between the bars is 46.8 cm, the outside diameter of the grip is 32 mm.

An inclined ladder

The angle ladder enables advanced and varied training at 135% degrees. Made of high quality steel and covered with a non-slip structure ensures safety and convenience of training.


The gate is available in four color options


Frame length: od 3,8 m - 7,8 m

Frame height: od 2,56 m - 2,97 m

Frame width: od 1,2 m - 3,6 m

Configure your

own gate

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