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We all know that training in our own home or apartment gives us more independence and a sense of intimacy. But it is also important to ensure safety during this process. It is a top priority. With this in mind, Gipara's design team has created a specially dedicated G-wall gate for home training, which is a new, improved version of the professional Adaptiva gate.


High quality steel, sections, handles, rods and accessories used in the production of G-wall are identical to those we can find in commercial fitness clubs and gyms. The only difference is the size of the door itself. G-wall is a compact version of the Adaptiva, which is designed to provide maximum training possibilities on a minimum surface.


The hotel room is an example of a place where the G-wall Gate will work perfectly.  Usually the area of the hotel rooms does not exceed 30 m2. This space will successfully accommodate a bed, desk, wardrobe and our Gate to practice. G-wall is a device that provides the possibility to train all parts of the body and occupies less than 1m2 of space - see details.


  • SH
  • LH
  • MH
  • PLUS
  • XL


Basic version of the gate, occupying a minimum range of space but enabling full training of the whole body. Ideally suited for installation in an apartment or even a hotel room.

The price includes a set of accessories.



The LH version is a higher, enhanced with a climbing ladder, hotel-apartment version. However, due to its larger height it requires rooms at least 2.8 m high.

The price includes a set of accessories.



Basic version of the gate extended with the possibility of additional calisthenic training. Just like the SH version, it will work great in an apartment and a larger hotel room.

The price includes a set of accessories.



Each version can be optionally equipped with an additional gymnasium ladder which further increases training and rehabilitation possibilities. What is more, each version can be equipped with a monitor with a mirror or with the monitor itself.

The price includes a set of accessories.



The XL version has been enriched with a rotator and long and short barbell hangers. The XL version allows training with a barbell, but requires larger rooms and will work best in larger apartments, houses or hotel training rooms. XL can optionally be used with a universal bench.

The price includes a set of accessories.



Elements to equip your gate

Pull-up bar

Pull-up bar is made of high quality steel, covered with a non-slip structure.


Ledge lined with rubber material which absorbs and prevents slipping. The maximum pressure is 50 kg.


Profile with holes for mounting elements such as hooks or dip, with numbers from 1 to 16. It also has special Space Stretch fasteners at 3 heights, so you can do even more exercises.


Grip handle will make your training even more attractive. It can be turned in a very wide range, so you can use it even on a small area. Rotator is solid and made with the highest precision so you do not have to worry if it will withstand the maximum load. 


Barbell securing handles, finished with replaceable polyamide mats, thanks to which metal parts do not scratch. Specially designed you can use your G-Wall gate at any height.

Safety arm

Safety arms will provide you maximum protection. You can easily change the height at which it is set up. Mats will prevent metal parts from being so easily damaged.

Bumper hanger

Bumper hanger will easily withstand the maximum load.


Our dip is a solid steel construction. Provides grip confidence during your training.


The gate is available in four color options

Dynamite Red-Black
Space Black-Black
colorless varnish

Everything included

what's the most needed

In addition to what is included in the G-wall structure, i.e. a bar, dip holder, shelves, rotator and hooks for barbells, depending on the version, you will receive a whole set of professional Gipara training accessories.

Balans Bag - filled with water (up to 18 kg) in a thermo-insulating cover, allows you to train deep muscle parts of the whole body

A set of high-quality polyurethane bumpers

A set of cast iron kettles in a rubber casing (weights to choose from)

Medicine balls or wall ball's (weight to choose from)

Ergo-Eco training mat made of ecological Green Eva material

Gym ball (size to choose)

Yoga blocks

Space Stretch in the Max version - a silicone rubber with a bridge structure that allows grading the load and training all muscle parts

High-quality olympic bar (load capacity up to 450 kg)


Frame width: 150 cm

Frame height: 240 cm

Frame depth: 62 cm


Each G-wall Gate is equipped with a board with basic exercises. In addition, when you purchase, you also get access to a training application that uses the training capabilities of the gate. All you have to do is open the application on the selected exercise and start training together with your instructor.

Versions equipped with a touchscreen LCD screens have the ability to play training videos on an external monitor.


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