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G-wall represents all that a personal training studio or therapeutic studio may need. The volume of versions equipped with G-wall enables the diversity of applications. You will be able to carry out functional training on all body parts and for each muscle group separately on a very small area. You will have all the necessary tools and accessories at your disposal.

Comfort of your own apartment

A unique design of G-wall exercise gate allows for a complete and comfortable training of the entire body on just 1m². Correct progress of the training is supervised by a training application, which comes with G-wall for free. The G-wall app stores your history of exercises and sorts them out by all parts of the body. G-wall is also a unique storage system. There’s nothing that could break down.

Hotels and guesthouses

Several dozen years ago the hotel rooms did not even have bathrooms or TV-s at disposal. In-room coffee makers and fridges have only appeared in recent years. An IN-ROOM FITNESS type of solution has also started appearing on a widespread basis nowadays. Each fitness fan planning to visit a hotel, and we have as many as 3 million of those in Poland, will prefer a hotel room equipped with a room gym than a regular room. On the other hand, if a room or apartment with a fitness zone costs on average 20 EUR more than a standard room, the fitness venture will pay off after approximately a year.


During the creation of G-wall, we made sure that it would match in terms of style with any given room. All surfaces are smooth and rounded. We used only the best and most durable materials in its structure. Steel and polyurethane are virtually eternal. They do not emit any odours, plus they are easy to keep clean.


You can choose from 4 colour compositions and 5 equipment versions, which will help you to individualise and adapt the gate to the needs of your customers.


Basic version of the gate, occupying a minimum range of space but enabling full training of the whole body. Ideally suited for installation in an apartment or even a hotel room.


The G-wall is sold with the profesional accessories.

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Basic version of the gate extended with the possibility of additional calisthenic training. Just like the SH version, it will work great in an apartment and a larger hotel room.


The G-wall is sold with the profesional accessories.

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The LH version is a higher, enhanced with a climbing ladder, hotel-apartment version. However, due to its larger height it requires rooms at least 2.8 m high.


The G-wall is sold with the profesional accessories.

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PLUS is the basic version of the wall with an additional gym ladder, which further increases training and rehabilitation possibilities. It is made of the best quality steel, so its durability does not differ from professional walls in fitness clubs.


The G-wall is sold with the profesional accessories.

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The XL version has been enriched with a rotator and long and short barbell hangers. The XL version allows training with a barbell, but requires larger rooms and will work best in larger apartments, houses or hotel training rooms. XL can optionally be used with a universal bench.


The G-wall is sold with the profesional accessories.

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Safely as well as effectively

Nowadays, we no longer need 30 strength machines and a set of cardio devices in order to perform a wholesome training. Everything can be done on a few square meters, in the comfort of our own room. Due to various reasons, such type of training is preferred by over 51% of all people who exercise. G-wall training gate allows everyone to carry out a complete functional training of the entire body, while at the same time it ensures safety, comfort and the quiet of your own room.

Improved training capabilities

The G-wall itself is just a multi-functional tool, which will allow you to perform over 200 different exercises. However, in order to make it even easier - we provide a professional training app along with the gate, for which you don’t have to pay. Exercises can be selected according to the level of advancement, training time and its type. Moreover, the application allows you to view the history of trainings, as well as the amount of calories that you have already burned. This application works on a phone, tablet and TV with a touchscreen.

Uniqueness and specification

Design personalization

G-wall may adjust to all the requirements, not only by means of colours but, above all, by means of accessories and their weights of your choice.

History of trainings

G-wall application ensures constant access to the history of trainings, use of calories and time spent doing exercises.

Modern design

Exceptionally modern and minimalist design allows to fit Gwall into any room. Therefore, it will not spoil the décor even in the bedroom. ;)

Small area

G-wall only takes 0,5m² for the installation and 3m² on comprehensive trainings.

Key to exercises

Everyone will find the right exercises for themselves - beginners, intermediate and even advanced users.


Thanks to its design, G-wall enables training for all muscle groups and all body parts.

Everything you need most is included

In addition to the elements included in the G-wall structure, i.e. pull-up bar, dip handles, shelves, rotator, barbell holders and Space Stretch, depending on the version, you will receive a whole set of professional Gipara training accessories. 

  • Balans Bag

    filled with water (up to 18 kg) in a thermo-insulating cover, allows you to train deep muscle parts of the whole body

  • A set of cast iron kettles in a rubber casing

    weights to choose from

  • A set of cast iron kettles in a rubber casing

    weights to choose from

  • Medicine balls or wall ball's

    weight to choose from

  • Ergo-Eco training mat

    made of ecological Green Eva material

  • Gym ball

    size to choose

  • Yoga blocks

  • Space Stretch Max

    a silicone rubber with a bridge structure that allows grading the load and training all muscle parts

  • High-quality olympic bar

    load capacity up to 450 kg


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Gipara Fitness is a brand created by sport enthusiasts and practitioners. It is a sum of best ideas, thorough insight into the needs and several dozen of tests which confirmed its safety ergonomics and reaching training results. Gipara Fitness comprises accessories for individual exercise and training programmes which thousands of clients already got to love. Check out and try our other accessories.


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