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From the user perspective, ERGO-ECO™ is springy, easy to clean and it protects against slipping on the surface. Thanks to this it facilitates comfortable and stable training. Its light and balanced structure allows for the use of a single, extended whole for the suspension system, which substantially speeds up the process of taking off and putting back on the mats after group classes. The mat is odourless, and it does not generate any toxic vapours. ERGO-ECO supports environment friendly attitudes, giving its users the feeling of having a positive impact on the environment.

GREEN EVA™ material of the future

ERGO-ECO™ mat was produced with the use of the foam GREEN EVA™, made of sugarcane. First mat on the market produced by means of this innovative method. Sugarcane that grows in the central-southern region of Brazil absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and is a full-recoverable production raw material. The balance of CO2 emission to the atmosphere throughout the whole process of production of ERGO-ECO™ mat remains negative! The mat may be recycled in 100% after its validity date.  

Fibo innovation
& trend award ‘20

ERGO-ECO™ mat is such an innovative product that it won first prize in 2020 in one of the most prestigious contests in the fitness industry. It won FIBO INNOVATION & TREND AWARD for the category: “Ecology and sustainable development”.

Sweet taste - No waste All-Poland campaign of replacing mats

We will take the old problem off your shoulders and collect your used and non-recoverable training mats for free. On top of this, having extracted the inside of the old mats we will use it to fill up a set of leisure puffs of our design and then, we will deliver them to you all for free.


All it takes is for you to decide to join the campaign and replace your old mats for at least 30 pieces of brand new mats ERGO-ECO™.


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