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Hybrid dumbbells Individual Personalize your dumbbells

Covered with high quality rubber and polyurethane, in places most exposed to wear. Available in four colors. 

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Polyurethane bumper Highest quality
of urethane

Easy exchange of loads thanks to profiled edges and special indentations for places. Make your training easier today.

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Balans Bag A new dimension
in functional training

Water-flled Balans Bag™ has an extremely wide range of applications, starting from functional training, through individual personal training and the group classes.The intensity depends on the amount of water inside which gives the load. Constantly unstable liquid turnes even the easiest exercise into huge challenge

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Master Trainer Set Multifunctional equipment
in one backpack

Master trainer set is ideal for personal trainers who like to do stron and effective training on up to two fitness devices, that fit in one backpack so they are always t hand. It is perfect for home training as well as the outdoor.

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Home Training Nothing easier

Multifunctional Gipara Fitness accessories will arrange your home space in a functional training room. Choose your favorite workout kit today.

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Back to gym!

Jesienny lifting, czyli odmieniony klub i nowa oferta Gipara Fitness

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Co nas irytuje na siłowni?

Czy znaczna ilość irytujących zachowań użytkowników i niedogodności są w stanie zmusić ćwiczących do zmiany siłowni na inną? Bardzo możliwe!

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Fiwe Trade Show

Kolejne Fiwe trade show za nami! Byliście cudowni i dziękujemy, że jesteście z nami. Wspólne treningi i konkursy dały ostro w kość nie tylko Naszym ambasadorkom :)

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Fibo Global Fitness

Targi, targi i po Fibo 2019! Cieszymy się, że było Was, aż tyle. Teraz pozostaje nam czekać na kolejne Fibo 2020! W kolejnym roku dużo niespodzianek, jedna z nich to nowe duże stoisko, także nie możecie przeoczyć kolejnych tragów z Gipara Fitness!

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