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Customized Workouts at Your Club

Competitive Advantage in Your Club

Nano Station is an additional, self-contained, and maintenance-free training area for the functional part of the club. Nano Station set includes the most popular functional accessories organized in one place, along with a system for displaying ready-made workouts on the TVs. You can manage the training sessions from one place or delegate it to us. You don't need to hire any staff for this, but you can also independently provide training content to all your stations in all your clubs worldwide.
Display workouts on demand for groups of people or create a schedule for displaying workouts for the entire month in advance. Every one of your club members will know that a specific workout that interests them is displayed in your club at a specific time every day. If you have more than one club, you can manage the content for displaying workouts in all clubs from one place.
Nano Station is a set that allows 4 people to exercise at one station simultaneously. The display system does not require members to arrive at a specific time. If a particular workout is displayed within a certain time frame, members can approach and exercise according to the instructions throughout that time, without needing assistance from the club staff.

Now all that's left is to enjoy the increased attendance and satisfied club members.

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Who creates the workouts?

We provide you with ready-made workouts created by us, so you don't need to hire additional staff for this. The idea is for the workouts to be distinctive for a particular club or a network of clubs. Therefore, they should be created by your in-house club trainers, who are knowledgeable in this area. Even if there is another club (B) in the same city with the same application, they will not have access to workouts created by trainers from club (A).

Do I have to create new workouts every day?

This is not necessary, as the workouts are stored in the cloud and can be displayed on the TVs as many times as we want. In the control panel, we have access to each TV in the club or even the entire network of clubs. Therefore, we can display them on any TV in the club and at any time. We can also create a playlist for one or more TVs with a schedule for the entire month.

What TV do I need to support the app?

Each Nano Station user receives a TV with the NANO GYM application pre-installed from us. However, there is an option to use your own TV. In that case, you will need either a relatively new TV with a quad-core processor or an additional Android control module (preferably GOOGLE's CHROMECAST™) that can be connected to the TV.

Who are these workouts for?

The workouts are for every club member. However, they will most often be used by people who want to be inspired by something new every day or those who may not be able to exercise on their own. Perhaps most importantly, the application can also be used to create custom workouts for club members. For example, upon request or reservation from a club member or group of club members, you can start any workout on the NANO STATION at any time of the day to encourage them to come to your club.

On how many TVs and for how long can I show a given workout?

With one Nano Station unit, you can only manage one TV in one club. The application is primarily used for creating and displaying functional workouts, but it also has the ability to remotely display any messages or videos on the Nano Station TV. If you have more than one Nano Station, you can also manage the content on all TVs in your network from one place.

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