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Hybrid Dumbbells


The hybrid structure of INDIVIDUAL dumbbells signifies the application of the best features of each of the three applied materials. Profiled bars from stainless steel ensure a properly centred weight, a firm grip and durability. High-quality springy rubber with which external areas of dumbbells are covered stands behind the safety and low price. Whilst, polyurethane from which external covers with weight marking are made provides a unique look and a long dumbbell lifespan.


We are aware of the importance of individuality and uniqueness of each club owner's business. Each of these features of the club separately contributes further along to the overall success and popularity of investment. Why should the clubs be "confined” to the colour range enforced on them by someone? With INDIVIDUAL you will adjust the colours of your accessories to the design of your interior. What is more, when you decide in some years to come that the interiors require changes, you will not have to change the accessories as they will adapt to your changes themselves (see below).





Customise the appearance of dumbbells
to your interior

The structure of hybrid dumbbells INDIVIDUAL allows adjusting their colours to one's own needs. The range of four colours is available practically off the shelf, enabling the delivery of dumbbells within several days. Moreover, we are able to deliver dumbbells in any colour from the RAL pallet of colours at individual orders.

in two years
change color
for free
two-year warranty
two sets of colors

Hybrid dumbbells within INDIVIDUAL series are extra durable, though even the toughest material will one day lose its novelty glamour. You don’t need to worry about this, as when purchasing INDIVIDUAL dumbbells you are paying for a single set but you are really getting two sets of front covers with weight marking of your choice. Thus, the part of dumbbells which is most exposed to discolouration or damages may be replaced by you any time. The reason for such replacement may be your intention to refresh the image or change the design of your premises. What's important is that after the change, dumbbells look brand new and you did not spend a dime on the remake.


If you make up your mind about the change within two years from purchase, we will carry out the whole replacement for you - also free of charge. 

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