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03 03 20

Dumbbells matched to the gym - two colors one price

This is the first such offer on the market - the possibility of matching the dumbbell to the gym, and for this free exchange of "personalization". We present the new Individual line!


Clubs want to stand out on the market - this is understandable in the fight for customers. Not only the best offer tailored to current trends and requirements, but also design will be such a distinction. Unfortunately, the cost of equipping a fitness club in such a situation increases with every craving of designers... Therefore, we decided to prepare an Individual line - these are fitness accessories that can be matched to your club!


To order such individual dumbbells, you just need to choose the right color. Gipara Fitness will take care of the rest. Thanks to this, fitness accessories that will go to your gym will definitely stand out from the competition. Of course, a complete set of dumbbells is available to suit every gym.

As a result, we get a personalized set of the highest quality dumbbells, and the cost of fitness club equipment does not increase. It is also certainly an interesting proposition for equipping the gym in a hotel - such fitness accessories will definitely impress guests.

Let's add that the Individual line is the highest quality. The handle is made of specially selected stainless steel. Elastic rubber of the highest quality guarantees durability and safety of use. In turn, the outer caps were made of polyurethane - thanks to which they are extremely durable and resistant to damage.

But that's not all - because hybrid dumbbells from the Individual series are indestructible, we decided to prepare the possibility of "refreshing" them. Instead of exposing the owner to the additional cost of equipping a fitness club and condemning him to buy new dumbbell colors, we offer a free change - replacement caps are included in the price! So - by paying for one set, you buy two different colors. Never before has the club 'renovation' been so easy and cheap.



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