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Gipara Fitness Referral Program

The Referral Program by Gipara enables purchasing fitness equipment at attractive prices for you and your friends. Check out how to gain high discounts almost effortlessly.


Gipara Fitness – an online store with professional fitness equipment


Gipara Fitness store offers high-quality fitness equipment that may be used with success in any professional fitness club as well as in a private house gym. We use the highest quality materials for the production of the fitness equipment thanks to which Gipara products may be used for many years.

Products designated for functional training, free weights or ready training kits may be found among our sport accessories. Gipara Fitness also offers workout gates with a possibility of individual configuration.



What is a referral program and who can benefit from it?


Gipara Fitness accessories surely belong to the premium class of fitness equipment. Products from the Gipara store are suitable for all those who train professionally as well as those who enjoy high-quality workout equipment. 

In a strive to meet its clients’ expectations, Gipara Fitness introduced a referral program (loyalty programme) for its users. Referral Program by Gipara enables saving on the purchases from the store in exchange for recommendations. 

The client obtains their own referral link which may be passed on to friends. Through this link, a friend may get a -30% discount on shopping at the store. On the other hand, the client receives a return of 10% of the friend's shopping value on their account. The obtained amount may be used while shopping at Gipara store in the future.



What are the conditions of the referral program at Gipara Fitness?


  • Get a referral link

In order to join the referral program, you need to set up an account at Gipara store and do your first shopping. Once you’ve done it, you will get a referral link which may be passed onto your friends multiple times. The link is available after logging into your account.

  • Pass the referral link to your friend and get a return on your account

You surely know a lot of people who, like you, are passionate about fitness workouts. Recommend shopping at Gipara store with a 30% discount on all the products. This way you can order such products as gym dumbbells, bars, barbells or weights at attractive prices. The same goes for the original Gipara Fitness products such as Balans Bag™ or Space Stretch® Max.

  • Get a 10% return to your account

Once your friend makes the purchase, he or she will get a unique discount but, on top of this, 10% of the value of their shopping will hit your account. The funds will be transferred after 14 days from your friend obtaining the ordered goods.

  • Exchange money for Gipara Fitness products

Once the funds are on your account you are welcome to shop again using the discount at the level of the transferred funds. The funds must be used within 12 months. Order fitness accessories that your gym lacks, such as yoga accessories or massage rollers.

  • Enjoy Gipara products and keep using the referral program

The Gipara Fitness referral programme is very simple and enables you to easily save on the purchase of high-quality fitness accessories. Thanks to this you can appreciate high-quality training at attractive prices. We give out awards - You gain them!


 Find out more details about the Gipara Fitness referral program by visiting: and stop overpaying for your professional fitness equipment.

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