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20 01 20

Hotel gyms necessary for an increasing number of guests

During his visit to Poland, US President Barack Obama settled in a Warsaw hotel belonging to a popular chain. When the media showed how he went to the hotel gym that evening, some commented in disbelief. For others, it seemed natural - it includes about representatives of the hotel industry, who for years have noticed an increase in the interest of guests in the gym, fitness area, or even the availability of a personal trainer. For many, this is decisive when choosing an object.


Hotel manager: yoga, what do you need?


Of course, hotels willingly boast of room equipment, restaurant, conference space or swimming pool. But everyone who travels has noticed that gym and fitness zone advertisements are increasingly appearing in folders and websites. And to make it clear let's add at once that it's not just about objects that specialize in e.g. the so-called slimming holidays. Active recreation has simply become extremely attractive in terms of marketing and more and more often hotel managers are looking for professional help wondering, for example, what weights to put in the gym at the beginning.



Increasingly, they also employ professional personal trainers, being well aware that the gym in the morning can simply be open, but from the south it should offer some classes. Of course, the most popular are e.g. pilates or yoga. Seemingly they seem trivial - all you need is a room, several mats and an instructor. Very quickly, however, guests can verify this approach. So before the hotel manager equips the facility, it is worth answering a simple question: ok, let it be yoga, what is needed to make classes in my hotel really attractive?


Hotel gym - what are the duties for the manager?


Gone are the days when guests opened their eyes wide at the sight of a treadmill, a stationary bicycle, ladders against the wall, a set of weights and a ping-pong table. Today, they require a lot more from the gym in hotels. Each manager must therefore think carefully about what weights he should take when he wants to organize a gym in his facility. No one certainly requires specialized knowledge from him. Functional and peripheral training? No problem if he doesn't know the answer.

He does not have to adhere to the theory that a gym in the morning is the only proper start to the day. To put it simply - it may belong to a group of about 50% of Poles who, according to the report of the Polish Economic Institute "Polish Sports Market" do not engage in any physical activity. Instead, he should trust professionals.



Of course, planning a gym in a hotel is worth starting with a budget. If the object allows the use of a large room, and the money is not a big problem, you can create a fully professional club. However, it is worth asking yourself whether it is necessary in a given hotel - on the other hand, it is worth considering whether such a place can not be an additional source of income.

It happens that the hotel gyms are open to guests from outside for an additional fee. Deciding on this, however, should be remembered that for many, the gym is attractive only when the least people train at it at the same time. The piston may end with negative opinions of hotel guests.


Hygiene during training is essential


When fitting a gym, remember the basic rule - no matter how big it is, the equipment it contains must be professional. So before you start thinking about what weights to choose, you should first check which companies are considered the best by regular gym goers. Only professional equipment will have the right marketing effect - after going to the gym, hotel guests will be able to appreciate the quality of the equipment. On the other hand - only professional equipment will withstand the loads of daily operation. Many managers make the mistake of thinking that the gym in the morning may still be used by several guests, but from the south it will be empty. When building a gym, you should expect high occupancy.



Hygiene during training is also very important for people exercising. Therefore, guests should allow the best conditions for them to feel comfortable not only in luxurious rooms, an elegant restaurant, but also a fitness area, even if it is one small room.


What responsibilities - what weights to start with


To sum up - it's worth remembering what weights we should take when we want to create a gym in a hotel. Let's find the right professional company that will provide us with the right equipment. Instead of wondering what weights to put in the hotel fitness zone at the beginning, it is better to trust advisors who will not expose us to double costs, when after a few months it turns out that the gym created by us is unattractive and the equipment has already worn out... One thing is certain - The gym in the hotel will definitely enrich its offer, and many guests will help choose just this facility.

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