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Create your own club for less than you would think

Power Post by Wata™ is a winning concept of an independent training studio or club inside a club based on the latest technologies.

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Franchise free of charge


Own fitness studio from only EUR 35 thousand

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No franchise fees, only 10% of costs of a standard club with the same profit level

Based on our own, 25-years-long experience, we have elaborated, down to the last detail, ready-to-implement, business model of a boutique fitness club. Thanks to the support of intelligent software as well as power-generating devices we have been able to create something that until recently had been unachievable. 100 sqm is now enough to earn big bucks. The investment in one's own club starts from EUR 35 thousand. But what's the most important - we don't want any franchise fees from you.



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Classes will never get boring

Club-goers will generate solar energy and compete against one another. Thanks to the special application they can compete in real time both with one another and with other app users from all over the world.

We return all that was burnt at the club back to the club users

Each of them holds their own portfolio in which he or she gathers Watts produced by them. They may subsequently be exchanged into products from the store or even into top-ups charging their electrical vehicles.

A studio fit for all those who are keen on training like professionals

The studio equipment is a combination of fitness and the latest technology. The devices provide professional training for even the most demanding professionals. However, only the G-Wall™ application included in the set allows you to visualize training with a virtual trainer for all practitioners, including complete amateurs.

Compose your ideal training from amongst the unlimited number of exercises

Both the users and the personal trainer may compose a training suitable for them on the basis of the sets of accessories and devices available in the studio, divided by specific body parts.

Benefits for everyone

A separate studio
in an existing club

A separate room designated for special personal training expands the club offer, ensuring additional revenues. Our elaborated loyalty programme for internal and multi-card clients is just another benefit of our service.

training studio

Low start cost of the investment and significant training possibilities stand behind the business model that exceeds many larger fitness clubs with its profitability.


Additional unique equipment and a safe spot for individual personal trainings or small-group trainings. Support for own virtual trainings. Competition and rivalry element among the users.

Club participant
in training

Combining training possibilities of a large club with a climate of a small and safe boutique studio. Individual approach and tailor-made trainings. Increasing attractiveness of trainings through the introduction of competition with others or with oneself. Access to the history of trainings, numbers of burnt calories and generated kWh. Additional benefits from the exchange of Kwh into articles and services from the store. Awareness of training on an energy-neutral training platform.

No franchise fees and each new studio Power Post will be subsidized by us

Based on our own experience but also having thoroughly analysed the WHO and CDC reports and opinions of expert doctors and immunologists we are deeply convinced that the only way to increase our immunological resistance as well as to improve our physical and mental condition is to regularly train. Therefore not only do we object to any sort of locking down or limiting your possibilities of training and rehabilitating but we also will always strive to support the launching of new objects designated for all sorts of physical activeness.

Equipment - select what you prefer


Self-propelled G660 treadmill generates power and provides extensive training applications. Starting from a walk, through running and ending with pushing sledges. Its almost armoured construction and simple service blend in unobtrusively with the sophisticated nature of the training studio Power Post.


Ergometer is one of the most comprehensive cardio devices ever invented. Quiet operation and power generation as well as compatibility with the Wata™ application are just some of the features of G260 ergometer.


The construction of a vertical G516 bike provides a comfortable training position. It also enables long-distance training. Quiet operation and power generation as well as compatibility with the Wata™ application are just some of the additional benefits of G516 bikes.


G-wall is a universal and compact functional training frame that enables training on all muscle groups. It is equipped with additional shelves and handles for training accessories; however, its accessories are fully adapted to the needs of a given studio or fitness club.

DUMBBELLS 2,5-25 kg

Each training stand is equipped with a separate set of functional dumbbells which facilitate carrying out a number of non-standard applications.


Softbox is a four-component pylometrics platform expanding the scope of possible training exercises. 


Each serious studio needs a safe floor. Our floor is made up of 1m x 1m puzzles thanks to which it not only perfectly secures the users against injuries but it also amortizes and is uniquely aesthetic and easily maintained.


Universal bench facilitates the conduct of a broad range of exercises and supplements the equipment at Power Post studio.


Power Post is a studio that may be entirely unmanned. Along with a set of accessories and devices, each studio obtains two training applications designated for safe and independent training as well as a possibility of generating reports to sum up the conducted exercises.


One of them helps to create local training communities, motivates to training and introduces an element of competition. The second, shows and is responsible for the creation and proper performance of functional exercises by the studio's clients.


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