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G-wall is a professional and comprehensive gym in a designer formula. It is so neat and modern that you don’t need to be ashamed of it or close it in your basement or garage. It will look good even in your living room or bedroom next to your bed. It will provide you with over 200 different exercises.

iron pump set

The Iron Pump Set is a classic, living weight but in a modern form. High quality steel and durable polyurethane are materials that ensure safety and comfort of exercise. Everything is packed in a comfortable and convenient stand, which ensures the lust in the apartment.

space set

Space Set is the smallest of our gyms which may be stored in a drawer. It contains Space Stretch™, that is a silicone expander made with the thought of training in space and Space Bar - dedicated for the set and an aluminium bar that expands the range of exercises. The whole allows you to perform over 100 different exercises.

Balans Bag™

The Balance Bag is nothing more than a weight bag, the weight of which can be freely adjusted.

It is safe for you and objects in the apartment, and thanks to its design and additional, reinforced sheathing, it can carry a weight of up to 19 kg.

one application

We have created G-wall app in order to show our users the possibilities of training that our G-wall gate creates, but the application contains also some exercises dedicated especially to Iron Pump Set and Space set. It fulfils its tasks well also in case of exercising with single accessories from the Gipara offer.

G-wall app is a modern training in which you choose the type of exercise, training intensity, body part or specific accessories which you want to exercise with. Everything presented in an attractive form along with a voice guide to exercises. Moreover, a fitness tracker with your history of trainings and all that in one, simple app.

the application may be used through:

The app can be use on:



mobile phone


GIPARA Fitness is a brand created by sport enthusiasts and practitioners. It is a sum of best ideas, thorough insight into the needs and several dozen of tests which confirmed its safety ergonomics and reaching training results. GIPARA Fitness comprises accessories for individual exercise and training programmes which thousands of clients already got to love. Check out and try our other accessories.

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