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23 01 20

Basic accessories for a fitness club

Fitness clubs are built according to different philosophies. Some are dedicated to a specific customer, others are based on the most universal offer possible, while others focus primarily on specific activity. However, every future owner must answer one question: what accessories for a fitness club will be necessary?


What weights to put in the club to start with


Of course, when thinking about what fitness accessories to buy, you should first format the potential customer. For example, there is no point in thinking what weights to buy at the beginning, since our club is to be a place of yoga training. Then, of course, we will put on other fitness accessories, i.e. mats. However, if our gym will be visited primarily by athletes practicing specific sports - for example, a large football club - then we must be ready for other fitness accessories.



The basic principles are actually two - first, think of your model client. Of course, it is impossible to please everyone and even if we build the most diverse club, there will always be someone disappointed. Club owners are familiar with complaints like: how to effectively work out in the gym, since there is a lack of this, that and this ... You should not worry about such opinions, unless they happen very often and from the different clients. It may turn out that our club and its fitness accessories have been poorly composed.


Ask your trainer about fitness club accessories


The second rule is to ask professionals for their opinion. It is not worth believing in your own strength. One should not count on the fact that I apply the daily principle "gym in the morning", and my silhouette is proof that I know how to exercise effectively in the gym, so I can confidently build large training rooms. The fitness club accessories that we use ourselves may be, for example, too niche - used by a small number of exercisers. And we are after the commercial success of our club, i.e. attracting as many people as possible.



In addition, the professional's opinion will help us choose the right quality equipment. It is worth remembering that fitness club accessories are very much exploited. Only those that have been properly made, using appropriate, durable materials, guarantee us peaceful functioning in the following months and even years. If we focus on cheap fitness accessories, it may quickly turn out that we have to spend money a second time. In this case, it's really not worth saving. It is better to buy less, but better quality. Fitness accessories that are damaged or destroyed will definitely effectively discourage everyone from our gym, and opinion about them will disperse very quickly.


How often do you need to change fitness accessories


Consumption of equipment is one thing - if fitness accessories are damaged, we must replace them. However, the second issue is new products that appear on the market. On this occasion, gym owners often ask themselves: how often and is it worth to change accessories for a fitness club? If we react to any novelty on the market, it may very soon turn out that our club through its rich offer will become... unattractive. Many people get used to specific exercises that require fitness accessories. If we exchange the entire range every three months, or even every six months, it may very quickly discourage our customers. They may - rightly - ask: how to exercise effectively in the gym, where new fitness accessories are constantly appearing?



In addition, when replacing the equipment, we should ensure its proper introduction to the offer. For example, training our trainers and instructors. Without it, even the best and latest fitness club accessories will remain just a decoration...

On the other hand, it is worth following the news and enriching the offer so that it does not turn out that our gym becomes a warehouse of museum exhibits. Then it will be difficult to attract new customers.

It seems that the answer to the question "how often to change fitness accessories" is similar to the answer to the problem "how often do you train at the gym to get results." In the latter case - it seems much easier to decide - we will get many different answers. However, it seems that purpose and reason are decisive in this case.


Fitness accessories are important, but...


We should clearly define the purpose for which we introduce fitness club accessories. We return to the beginning of the text, in which we have already highlighted the clear formatting of our main channel of activity. If this is to be a place based on organized activities (yoga, zumba, salsation, etc.), we need a specific number of appropriate fitness accessories. It is about such equipment that will be helpful above all to trainers of these activities, so it should be their last word when choosing them.



Alternatively, we can put additional accessories in such a club that will not take up too much space, and at the same time will enrich our offer for those who want to practice individually.

On the other hand, if it is to be a club with a much more diverse offer, then we must take care of additional fitness accessories. However, it is worth remembering to always choose companies that have already been proven and guarantee the highest quality. This will allow us to avoid trouble when replacing equipment frequently.

Finally, one more thing - hygiene during training. It is very important and can quickly affect the opinion of our club. Therefore, after we insert the accessories into the fitness club, remember to care for them properly and clean regularly.

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