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10 03 20

Disinfection of the fitness room

The cleanliness of the fitness room is one of the basic features rated by customers. Hygiene in the gym is considered a high quality club feature. Any shortcomings will be noticed very quickly by the trainees. Nowadays, photos of dirty fitness accessories, dust under cabinets... after a few moments they can become social media topics.


Rules of behavior at the gym


Let's start with the requirements we can set for our clients. It's about the rules of behavior in the gym. For example, we can write them in the form of regulations. Then - hang it in a visible place, give it to each new customer for signature, place it on a website, etc. Remember that it's about the general rules of behavior in the gym - it is not worth to specify in detail what is allowed and what is not. The point is that such regulations should not have a bad impression on our clients. They can't think that we want to limit them, control them, influence how they will exercise and what activities they use. The rules of behavior in the gym are to be only a general outline of duties, which is to clearly show that, for example, hygiene in the gym is a shared responsibility. Wiping the bench with a towel, throwing away an empty bottle, etc. are not too high expectations... They should apply in fitness clubs, as well as hotel gyms.

Of course, customers require professionalism from the club service - it is their privilege and right, even if they simply pay for it. Therefore, they expect that hygiene in the gym will be at an appropriate level: from time to time disinfection of equipment in the gym will be carried out, and all employees know not only how to clean the equipment in the gym, but also what to use to clean the equipment in the gym. This is the basis for proper maintenance of both the fitness room and accessories. The point is simply that the chemicals used by the staff are effective on the one hand, and harmless to the exercisers' skin on the other.


What to disinfect the equipment at the gym


Let's stay for a moment with this problem - what to use for cleaning gym equipment. Unfortunately, it often happens that the disinfection of equipment in the gym is carried out regularly, but using the wrong chemicals. This can be very dangerous for people who use fitness accessories and machines prepared in such a way. Unfortunately, unprofessional chemicals often react with sweat and can cause allergies and even burns. It often happens that the symptoms appear a few hours after returning from the gym, so we do not connect them directly with our visits to the club.

That is why it is always worth asking the gym staff what chemicals they use when disinfecting the gym equipment. Only professional chemicals guarantee maintaining proper cleanliness and are safe for customers.

It is also an important task for managers of fitness clubs - they must check whether their employees not only regularly clean the equipment, but also whether they know how to disinfect the equipment in the gym. It may turn out that - even in good faith - they decide to reach for e.g. stronger chemicals that remove dirt more effectively. Unfortunately, they can be very dangerous for customers ...


How to clean the equipment in the gym so as not to destroy it


We should also remember that some fitness machines and accessories have special, dedicated cleaning products. Disinfection of the fitness room must be done according to specific procedures - it's good to know what chemicals to use for steel, which for leather, and how to clean a yoga mat ... This will not only ensure proper hygiene in the gym. Fitness accessories and machines in our club will last longer.

In this case, it is also worth using the help of professionals. The exact cleaning instructions that can be found on fitness machines and accessories, as well as special dedicated products will definitely be very helpful. Thanks to this, disinfection of equipment in the gym will not only be effective, but also safe for our customers. Let's remember - gym hygiene and disinfection of a fitness room are just those elements of running a club on which it is definitely not worth saving.

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