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What irritates us in the gym?

Many of us go to the gym or fitness club even every other day. We spend a lot of our time there. Therefore, no one will be surprised by the fact that we are increasingly paying attention to the inconvenience that accompanies us when exercising.

There are a number of gym users' behaviours that irritate everyone, such as the lack of their own towel and not cleaning the equipment after using it, the mess left behind, not putting back equipment in the right place or notorious staring. We can work on our and others' behaviour in the gym, however, there are also other situations in which the club ceases to meet our requirements. And it is not about the amount of equipment, because we know well that it is possible to do a varied training with the use of only a few accessories. Is a significant amount of inconvenience able to force the members to change gym to another? It is highly possible!

The first impression is often the most important. When we enter a club, we always go to the reception first. It is important how we are greeted and whether the person who serves us is nice and competent. Then we head towards the changing rooms and the exercising areas, but when we are hit by the stuffiness and smell of sweat, we automatically lose some of our enthusiasm for training. Lack of air conditioning affects everyone without exception, especially in the summer.

In second place we pay attention to the general cleanliness in the club. The feeling of comfort associated with hygienic exercising is a very important requirement for many people when choosing a gym. One of the most important elements in the changing room and bathroom is hot water in the tap and shower. There is nothing more unpleasant than ice-cold water or the need to give up refreshing ourselves after training and return home sweaty, because the showers have not been working for two months.

What else can irritate us in the gym? For example, crowd and short breaks between group classes and non-functional equipment storage solutions. Each of us knows how it is when after the class the group stands in a queue and tries to put down the equipment as soon as possible, often doing it carelessly and by force. This often happens to rubber bands, rollers or training mats, which after a few unsuccessful attempts to hang them on a rack, are terribly damaged, and obviously they should last longer than a few weeks. How does it look like? First, we try to hit both eyelets at the same time, then we try to put the hanger into one eyelet first, and then the other one. Often the clients get discouraged in the middle of it, making the mats look as if they are about to fall.

We cannot change everything that might irritate you in the gym, but we know that the suggestions or comments of regular clients are noticed by managers and owners. We also try to listen to you. To meet the expectations of users, after careful observations of Gipara Team experts and trainers, we decided to improve our Ergo training mats. Thanks to the single-eyelet system a dedicated hanger in mats, putting them back and taking them off is easier and more comfortable, which disperses the crowd before and after classes. It is a small detail, but we ensure that it can significantly affect the comfort of exercising of each person. From now on, your training mats will always be hung up quickly and correctly.

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