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Training at home

Professional workout at home

Benefit from the quality of gym exercises at your home and enjoy the exercise accessories that are available for you 24/7. The Gipara Fitness equipment is used by numerous prestigious gyms. Order fitness accessories for your home gym and train like a pro at your own house. 

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Types of equipment for workout at home

There are various types of equipment for workout at home, depending on the intended use. Some will allow you to build an entire workout around them, e.g. exercise balls, gymnastic dumbbells, resistance bands or punching bags. Some of the fitness accessories are intended to increase the intensity of exercises, e.g. weights for ankles or wrists. Other accessories can be used for belaying (e.g. yoga blocks) or simply in order to make your workout more comfortable and hygienic, e.g. yoga mats or exercise mats. 

Original products for workout at home

The offer of Gipara Fitness includes a number of innovative and original products for your workout at home, among others: 

  • Ergo Eco™ exercise mat made of sugar cane, 
  • Balans Bag™ punching bag that constitutes a modern alternative to the Bulgarian bags and sandbags, 
  • Space Stretch® Max resistance band used to train astronauts in a weightless state. 
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