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Do you have your own club and you want to refresh it, but you lack funds for this purpose? You will certainly be interested in the "Refresh your club" program, thanks to which you can receive financing for its refreshment. Get the details.


The difficult situation in the fitness industry

The fitness industry in Poland is one of the most severely affected by all kinds of restrictions related to the pandemic. Cyclical lockdown and strict conditions for the functioning of sports facilities have led many gyms to a poor financial situation or even to the closure of their activities.

Admittedly, several government support programs for the fitness industry emerged along the way, but they did not help much in the long run. What's more, fitness clubs, swimming pools and training studios have been blacklisted by banks over the past two. Therefore, unfortunately, they have little chance of getting a lease or a loan. Certainly, this situation affects the large corporate club networks to a lesser extent, as they have their own sources of financing. Smaller fitness chains and individual gyms are definitely in a more difficult situation.

It should be remembered that the onset of a pandemic did not stop time. Equipment found in gyms has naturally aged over this period and, after two years of no investment, simply needs to be refurbished. IMG S.A. - the producer of Gipara training accessories and the exclusive distributor of the SportsArt brand understands it perfectly, and decided to help the fitness industry in the form of the "Refresh your club" program.



"Refresh your club" program from IMG S.A. - what is it?

In the face of the difficult reality of the fitness industry, it is extremely important that manufacturers and distributors of fitness equipment appear on the market, who, apart from offering training equipment and accessories, arrange the financing of the investment themselves. One of them is IMG S.A.

In the recently introduced "Refresh your club" promotional campaign, addressed to the owners of fitness clubs and gyms, the manufacturer offers assistance in arranging financing for its products up to the amount of PLN 110,000 net. Thanks to participation in the action, you can expect, above all, an easier leasing procedure and favorable conditions. Considering the current, significant problem with obtaining a loan or leasing for companies in the fitness industry, such assistance seems to be extremely useful.

Until now, the SportsArt brand, owned by IMG S.A., was mainly associated with the best service and the best warranty conditions on the market. Now, however, it is taking another step in expanding its offer, which is the introduction of a campaign regarding financing for the fitness industry. The industry whose situation is for SportArt and IMG S.A. especially important.


Optimistic forecasts

Taking advantage of the "Refresh your club" program and obtaining financing to refresh the club will undoubtedly be useful. Probably the first full season in two years is ahead of us.

According to the latest reports, the number of people in clubs and gyms is increasing day by day. No wonder, after all, practically everyone is fed up with sitting at home and social separation. A large group of people finally want to take care of their figure and lose unnecessary kilograms accumulated over the past two years. In addition, for many people, the period of preparing their figure before the holidays will soon begin in order to present themselves phenomenally during summer travels.

Everything indicates that this year there is a great chance for the fitness industry to return to the attendance that was before 2020. This is great news not only for the companies in the industry, but for the entire society, where only 7% of people exercise regularly. It is worth adding that, according to WHO, the main factor of immune resistance to all viruses and most civilization diseases is physical activity. The projected change, therefore, in the context of an increase in the frequency of people attending the gym in the near future, sounds all the more optimistic.

The situation in the fitness industry over the past two years has been extremely difficult and precarious. At that time, i.a. Unfortunately, the condition of the equipment in many sports facilities has deteriorated. Before the upcoming, announced increase in the attendance in clubs and gyms, it would be useful to refresh the premises to provide customers with the highest comfort of use. As you know, currently owners of companies in the fitness industry face difficulties on the part of banks to obtain financing in the form of leasing or loans. However, thanks to the use of the "Refresh your club" program, there is a solution, and IMG S.A. is able to arrange financing that will help renew the club.


The program is available only in Poland in PLN currency.

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