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Fitness workout with Paula Piotrzkowska


Is it even possible to replace group fitness classes with individual home training sessions? For several years now, Paula Piotrzkowska has been effectively promoting the idea of a healthy lifestyle. With the use of her channel, she proposes many types of fitness workouts that you can carry out at home. 


Who is Paula Piotrzkowska? 

Paula Piotrzkowska is a fitness and dance instructor, as well as ambassador of a healthy lifestyle. She has been using YouTube for several years to publish her workouts, which so far have gained the recognition of as many as 167 000 users. As a woman and a young mother, Paula knows very well what is necessary to develop healthy habits. 

Among her workouts, she suggests the following exercises: 

  • slimming exercises,
  • strengthening exercises,
  • stretching exercises,
  • exercises for pregnant women,
  • exercises for people suffering from thyroid disease.


On her social media, as well as her blog, she shares fit recipes, care rituals and tips that allow the readers and viewers to take care of their body, metabolism, as well as incentive for regular exercises. 



What type of fitness workout should you choose? 

Fitness constitutes an extensive concept that combines physical activity with attention to developing good habits. Workouts from this category are very diverse and due to that fact, they are very popular among women. Nowadays, the fitness exercises take the form of workouts with weights or without weights, as well as dance choreographies. On her YouTube channel, Paula Piotrzkowska creates training playlists adapted both to beginners and advanced users. 



Paula recommends pilates training for persons, who want to take care of their balance, strength and flexibility. This type of exercises and slow pace often refer to the elements of yoga, however there are also more dynamic proposals. 

During a 10-minute series on the stomach, Paula carries out exercises in the plank position, as well as crunches with raised legs. While preparing for this workout, it is necessary to remember about comfortable clothes and exercise mat. 

During selection of a mat, it is necessary to pay attention to your exercising needs. Exercise mats are characterised by a non-slip coating and a shock-absorbing layer, which will ensure safety and stability during training. 

Moreover, Paula Piotrzkowska proposes ball exercises as a calmer form of pilates. Your entire body works during such training. The instructor performs stretching and strengthening exercises. Application of a ball adds variety to the pilates sessions, but also requires you to precisely maintain balance. 

During selection of the appropriate exercise ball, remember to choose the size dedicated to your height. 

Cardio dance 

Fitness workouts are associated with repetitive exercises with music in the background. Cardio dance is a form of training that, apart from burning calories, guarantees fun. Paula offers 10-minute training, in which she presents simple dance steps. This choreography focuses on the work of the shoulders and hips. Moreover, music provides the impression that the body is moving itself. 


Exercises with the dumbbells 

During fitness workout with the weights, you can use many accessories that will additionally strengthen your muscles. On her channel, Paula Piotrzkowska recommends exercises with the dumbbells, among others: 

  • lifting,
  • lunges,
  • crunches,
  • squats.


Paula Piotrzkowska uses her passion for fitness to inspire thousands of users. During her workouts, she precisely explains how to perform a given exercise, and moreover, she shares tips and supports you on your way to being fit. 


Visit the Paula’s channel and find your preferable workout session

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