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Liquid Neos Pro PLUS

Neos PRO PLUS is a antibacterial, professional fluid from the TM 100DZ formula for disinfection and daily care of equipment in the fitness club. It has virucidal, anti-fungal and bactericidal properties. Easily remove dirt, sweat, dust and a set of types of dirt from metal, rubber and plastic surfaces. Can also be used on the skin. Does not leave coating, does not discolor and maintains large machines and fitness accessories. Unlike other disinfectant liquids, it has a pleasant lime scent.




 nice smell


Has the Ministry of Health Permission No. 3223/07 for trading in a biocidal product.

a subtle and pleasant
a subtle and pleasant
can be used on skin
Safe formula
can be used on skin
removal of dirt
removal of dirt
thanks to the TM 100DZ
thanks to the TM 100DZ
€6,68 €7,86

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Liquid Neos Pro PLUS

The fluid is available in 3 options:
as a bottle - 650 ml,
as a supplement - can of fluid 5l,
as a starter pack - 4 can of fluid 5l + 5 packs of bottles with 650 ml washer + funnel.

We attach to each starter pack a set of stickers for free equipment.

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