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Pump Set Obsydian

Polyurethane Pump Set is a part of Gipara Fitness - Obsidian line of accessories, which is distinguished by its original design, elegant and explicit colours. The plates have been made of high quality polyurethane that protects them from damage even during the most demanding group activities. Pump Set from the Obsydian series fits perfectly into the designer interiors of modern gyms, fitness clubs and apartments. 


The disks are entirely covered with polyurethane rubber which is resistant to damage and absorbs shocks. Thanks to the use of colour coding and clear weight marking, even large groups of people working out in a fast pace will find proper equipment, without crowding at the stand.


The shape of the barbell bar and the soft sponge coating ensure maximum stability and comfort during training.  Properly shaped disc holders ensure comfortable and safe carrying and trouble-free placing on the barbell bar or a dedicated stand. The Pump set also looks perfect on a special stand, which allows not only an easy use, but also an optimal use of space and aesthetic storage. 

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Pump Set Obsydian

Discs weight in set: 2 x 1,25 kg, 2 x 2,5 kg, 2 x 5 kg
Weight of bar: 2,5 kg
Diameter: 30 mm
Warranty: 24 months


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