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Space Stretch Max®

Space Stretch Max® has been designed as a universal training device for use in the conditions of weightlessness. This device can be used by astronauts on the space stations to exercise up to 8 muscle groups. However, Space Stretch Max is as effective on the Earth, as it's in space. Gipara Team has prepared 16 exercises for all of those living on the Earth and they will allow you to train all parts of your body.

Space Stretch Max® works perfectly in the case of functional training, group training and personal training. An additional advantage of Space Stretch Max is the possibility of personal use. It takes up little space, weighs almost nothing and its functionality matches the training possibilities of the entire fitness club. You can take it with you on a trip and train wherever you are.


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Space Stretch Max®

Space Stretch Max® is made of high-quality thermoplastic elastomer TPR.

Especially for instructors and personal trainers Gipara Team prepared Space Revolution course.


Warranty: 6 months

Length: 115 cm


See the exercises

Tabata Workout

Lower Body Workout

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