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Sled track

Sled track with a measure is a comfortable ground for exercising at the gym for everyone, regardless of experience. It works especially during intensive training on the functional zone or CrossFit - for example during using load sledges. The padding absorbs shakes, and thanks to the cushioning, the risk of joint injuries is reduced. Special material from which the lawn was made protects against slipping during training giving a sense of stability. The turf is available in two lengths - 7 meters (black colour) and 12 meters (red colour). It has been adapted for long-term daily activities. The base of turf is made of fully recyclable polypropylene.

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Sled track

Black: dimensions - 1,5 x 7 m, length of the measure - 6 m, pile height - 25 mm
Red: dimensions - 1,5 x 12 m, length of the measure - 10 m, pile height - 25 mm
Warranty: 12 months

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