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Which dumbbells for home gym?


Home gym is the dream of many. Sometimes it is fulfilled - but you need a lot of money for this. But sometimes it is enough to plan it well. Then basic fitness accessories can cost us surprisingly little, and the effect will be impressive.


What fitness accessories should you choose?


Before we think about the question what dumbbells are needed for the club and what dumbbells for the home, let's stop for a moment with fitness accessories. When planning a home gym, we must choose the ones that will be the most versatile. Of course, personal trainers often convince us - talking about how to exercise effectively in the gym - that you should use all fitness accessories to make the training as complete and effective as possible. Of course they are right, but remember that we are organizing a home gym, not a great fitness club.

So before you decide to buy individual accessories, you should think about whether they really are necessary for us.



After preparing such a list, you need to do something else - compare it with the possibilities of your room. This is of course the place where we plan a home gym. For example, if we think that we need a bar for squats, then before we buy it, let's check if it will fit in our gym. It may turn out that once we put all the fitness accessories, there will be no space for the exercises...

So maybe the squat bar should be replaced with other equipment. It's best to ask the trainer about effective substitutes. It may turn out that other exercises using different, smaller equipment will have the same effects.


How to exercise effectively at the gym at home


It is also worth considering whether we are ready to exercise at home. It's all about motivation. The fitness club forces us to be regular - when we buy a subscription, we go, if only not to waste our money. Will it be the same with a gym at home?

Unfortunately, it may happen that after a few weeks we will start to let go. Without a personal trainer, we will start going easy... We will skip the last series of repetitions. Because we have forgotten how to tie exercise rubbers, we give up this accessory. And besides: gym in the morning, gym in the evening... once a day is enough!

Unfortunately, such excuses lead in a very bad direction.

Fortunately, modern technology can help us. There are applications on the market that, after installing on a smartphone, will remind us of training, measure progress, or even prompt exercises for specific muscle parts.

Although in the latter case we recommend caution. We should remember that by exercising we influence our health. If we do it the wrong way, we can hurt ourselves. The application simply does not know us - it indicates, for example, what weights to choose at the beginning based on statistical data of our age group. Therefore, remember to use this type of offer wisely. We have already written about it before.


What dumbbells to buy at home


Now that we have decided what fitness accessories we will need and we chose the place for our gym, it is time for shopping. We return to the question, which was in the title: what dumbbells to buy at home?

Let's start with the basic thing - quality. Of course, when looking for gym equipment at home, we are tempted to lower the requirements. After all, we do not need professional equipment that we use at the gym. Cheaper substitutes are enough for us. In the case of dumbbells, the matter is even simpler. After all, 5 kilos from a professional company weighs the same as 5 kilos from a popular market. The effect will be the same...



Unfortunately, we can quickly find out the differences. For quality, strength is key. After just a few workouts, it may turn out that the grip begins to peel or break, for example. This, in turn, makes training stop being pleasant and unfortunately it may end in injury.

Therefore, when thinking about which dumbbells to buy at home, we always look at quality first. It is better to buy them less, but from a professional manufacturer.


What dumbbells for home - what weights to start with


Of course, if you are thinking about which dumbbells to buy at home, we primarily think about their weight. And here is also the temptation to save: since today I use 5 kilograms at the gym, maybe I will buy 10 kilograms right away. Thanks to this, my training will be more effective, and by the way I will avoid further purchases, when it turns out that 5 kilograms are not enough for me.

This is not a good idea. Unfortunately, it may end in injury. If we want to move from a fitness club to a home gym, or simply supplement trainings with a trainer with exercises at home, choose the kind of loads that we use in the gym. Remember, however, that we can always control loads by increasing, for example, the number of series.

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